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    – Fixed some server crashes

    – Slightly improved server performance and reduced server stalls

    – Ended New Year’s event (Tophats remain but no longer grant double treasure gold and can no longer be bought at in-game cosmetics NPC traders)

    – Buffed Tamed creatures HP and Damage globally by 25%



    – Anyone can now demolish shipwreck structures to regain resources so get your diving suits ready!

    – NPC Trading Ships are back and no longer affected by wild dino destruction commands! Reminder for those with deep pockets, the trader ships have an epic Dragon which can be purchased for 50,000 gold coins



    – Improvements made to joining/rejoining servers, should make it more reliable and eliminate many cases of connection lost/failure to grab server info.

    – Fixed a bug where HUD may not have shown to players in some cases.



    – Further improved server stability.

    – Further reduced Ship of the Damned spawns by 20%

    – Ship of the Damned now are allowed to “Wander” away from shore if they find themselves close to shore

    – Ship of the Damned targeting ranges now are reduced by the type of ship (down to 30% for rafts (which means they will now attack rafts – but you have to get pretty darn close to them!) and 0% for dinghies)

    – -LowMemoryMode now disables the background movies for lighter memory footprint

    – Changed damage type on repair hammer to 0 against players, human npcs, and creatures to stop pvp on pve servers, not used as a weapon on pvp.

    – Ships near shore do not attract cyclones anymore

    – Vultures should now more easily harvest corpses

    – Ships that players are based on do not use staggered updates now (resolving the issue of the choppy spyglass rotation when in the crow’s nest, for example)

    – Can no longer weapon-charge or dodge when encumbered.

    – Fixed erroneous reference to chalcedony instead of flint base

    – Added Ingots/Alloys and Organic Paste to the list of resources allowed in the ship repair box

    – Tripled gathering weighting of metal in all the generic rocks for both pick and hatchet damage types

    – Grenades damaged to stone multiplied by 3x

    – Changed Human Crew character carry inv max weight from 1000 to 60.

    – Switched damage weightings around so the pick tool is preferred from metal/crystal/gem/salts and hatchet for wood/coal/stone, etc. No adjustments have been made to yield changes, just tools have been adjusted.

    – Fixed an issue with treasure bottle’s spawning (there will now be more of them and more reliably spawned) and increased the quality of loot found in treasures.

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