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    Structures now block dive damage

    Fixed issue with dive damage not being reduced by armor

    Ice breath should no longer go through Managarmr when aiming backwards and aiming for the opposite side



    Fix for exploit involving chairs

    Fix for exploit involving ladders

    Fix for exploit involving Tapejara

    Fix for exploit involving Crab



    Can no longer place C4 on platform saddles


    Tek Bridge

    Fixed issue with placement where bridge incorrectly identified other structures as enemy structures



    Fix for players getting disconnected when accessing a terminal with too much in their tribute inventory (achievement rewards)



    Fix turret damage calculation so that damage is consistent at low framerate



    Can now press N to turn on crosshair while equipped



    Adding whistle land flyers command into the keybindings options so that it can be bound


    Server Stability

    Fix for rare crash


    Orbital Supply Drop

    Fix for some corrupt dinos being stuck in attack in place after the crate is completed/destroyed



    Fix Scout being destroyed by your own turret on spawn



    Breath FX appears when Velonasaur is on low stamina only



    Enabled hit pause on low fps swings

    Fix for Meks consuming Element Dust



    Improved placement of health bar for Ice and Forest titans

    Saddle physics improvements



    Fix formatting of Names with embedded URLs



    Improved tribe log report



    • Fix for Ascension skipping cinematics for saved games
    • Fixed spawning below world in Crater Forest
    • Fix for dome transition issue on reload
    • Plugged numerous map holes
    • Updated Forbidden Zone spawners
    • Structure prevention volume updated to allow building in the City Trench eastern sewer pipe/building.
    • Prevented flyers in Desert Cave
    • Floating foliage removed
    • Fixed multiple places where players could get stuck
    • Fixed erroneous Wasteland debuffs
    • Updated several placements of kill barriers
    • Fixed erroneous undermesh teleport spots
    • Removed unnecessary meshes under Crater Forest


    Scorched Earth

    Fixed multiple map holes


    The Island

    Fixed a map hole


    Mesh Memory Optimizations for:

    • Titanomyrma (both crawling and flying versions)
    • Arkaeology Soil Pile
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Basilisk
    • Bear Trap
    • Hide Shirt
    • Wooden Cage
    • Carno Saddle
    • Chemistry Bench
    • Chitin Boots
    • Chitin Gloves
    • Chitin Pants
    • Chitin Shirt
    • Cluster Grenade
    • Campfire
    • Corrupt Pants
    • Crossbow
    • Doedicurus Saddle
    • Ichthyosaurus Saddle
    • Meganeura
    • Dropped Torch
    • Dung Beetle
    • Extinction – Ascension Props
    • Extinction – Crater Forest Element Column
    • Extinction – Crater Forest Butte
    • Extinction – Crater Terrain
    • Extinction – Desert Butte
    • Extinction – Element Vein Ribbon
    • Extinction – Forbidden Zone Tendrils
    • Extinction – Iceland Glaciers
    • Extinction – Iceland Mountain Peaks
    • Extinction – Sinkhole
    • Extinction – Snow Cave Rock
    • Extinction – Sulfur Pools
    • Extinction – Wasteland Rocks
    • Raft
    • Glowstick
    • King Titan Trophy Head
    • Hide Boots
    • Hide Gloves
    • Hide Pants
    • Mammoth Saddle
    • Megalodon Saddle
    • Metal Roof
    • Orbital Supply Drop
    • Parachute Harness
    • Parasaur Saddle
    • Phiomia Saddle
    • Ragnarok – Wooden Roof
    • Raptor
    • Rex
    • Bronto
    • Shotgun
    • Scout Remote
    • Scorched Torch Skin
    • Slingshot
    • Sloped Thatch Roof
    • Sloped Thatch Wall
    • Sloped Wooden Wall
    • Spear
    • Plant Species X
    • Stone Pick
    • Stego
    • Taxidermy Platform Large
    • Taxidermy Platform Small
    • Tek Shield Generator
    • The Center – Ocean Trench Biolum Vine
    • The Island – Alien Tech Column
    • The Island – Element Column
    • The Island – Ice Caves
    • The Island – Icicle Wall
    • The Island – Redwood Fallen
    • The Island – Tek Runes
    • The Island – Underwater Canyon
    • The Island – Coral Reef
    • The Island – Rock Formation
    • The Island – Biolum Vine
    • Therizino Saddle
    • Torch
    • Trike
    • Carbonemys Saddle
    • Default Survivior Clothing
    • Wooden Pillar
    • Wooden Roof
    • Zipline Harness
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