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    – Resolved a server crash



    – Fixed Barshot so that it now targets sails and acts a slow through to incapacitating a ship’s movement as intended.

    – Company Flags will now update properly onto

    – PvE servers will now automatically kill any character that has not been logged in for 4 weeks. Official Network only.

    – PvE servers can now use the homeserver option which disables replication on sleeping/logged off bodies. (Non Default but enabled on Official Network).





    (enables logged off/sleeping players from replicating on home servers)


    (enables non-replicating logged off/sleeping players on all PvE servers)

    – Climbing on other boat’s ladders now disabled in PvE if the ship is anchored

    – PvE claim flags now only allow logged in players to contest the claim

    – Fixed a bug which would cause the activity timer on PvE claimflags to tick into the negatives. Also updated so the timer now displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

    – Tamed Dragon lifespan reduced to 3 hours

    – Tamed Dragon damage reduced by 33%

    – Tamed Dragon health reduced by 33%

    – Added Effect descriptions to Music and Cooking Recipes

    – Fixed an incorrect fiber reference in crafting barshot

    – Dead Bodies will now replicate on servers (Freeports and all PVE) which do not replicate sleeping or logged off players



    – Resolved a save-load issue with appended inventory engrams (Devkit Issue)



    – Fixed Water Spout inventories not appearing on PvE servers

    – Eliminated frequent server crashes



    – Alpha Creature damage has been reduced by 50%

    – Alpha Creature resistance has been reduced by 50%

    – Alpha Creatures are now 25% less common



    – Server optimisations for structures (approximately 8% gain)



    – Dragon Tame Token costs 40k gold as intended

    – Old “permanently unlocked” Power Stone Artifacts are removed (it was a bug that they were, some weeks ago, granted as a permanent character default item)

    – Tamed Dragon movement speed reduced by 33%

    – Tamed Dragon health reduced by 10%

    – Tamed Dragon stamina reduced by 78%

    – Tame Dragon Fire has 45% less lifetime



    – Fixed a server crash related to demolishing structures

    – Fixed an exploit with Grapeshot that allowed it to be shot rapidly




    Server Changes

    – Player Movement Optimisation for an approximate 15-20% performance gain on servers

    – Server Launch Option which locks the Fountain of Youth to one Golden Age Ruins server:  -AlwaysActiveFountainsOfYouth


    Balance Changes



    – Stone Structures crafting costs have decreased by reducing the metal cost by 55% and reducing the organic paste requirement by 25%



    – Steering Wheels are now considered ‘stone’ when it comes to their defence type, so they cannot be hurt by fire and take less explosive damage



    – Dragon now has 65% less HP when Tamed

    – Dragon now takes 40% more bullet and explosive damage when tamed

    – Dragon now recovers stamina 25% more slowly when flying

    – Dragon can no longer be healed by Nature’s Touch

    – Dragon tamed timer reduce from 8 hours to 6 hours

    – Dragon Fire Damage reduced by 50%

    – Dragon Token cost increased to 40,000 gold coins

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