Astral Imperium in Star Citizen

Astral Imperium is pleased to announce that we are starting wide-scale recruitment for our Star Citizen organization!

In 2020, Star Citizen will see the first elements of the persistent universe and server meshing get implemented. This will allow you to keep the things you earn and collect, all while playing in a single universe with every other citizen.

For those of you yet to get the game, you are welcome to use the Astral Imperium referral code which will get you free 5000 in-game credits! If you already have an account, but haven’t bought the game yet, then you can also re-create your account using the same referral code:


We have opened a discussion channel on our Discord server, you are more than welcome to join the conversation if you are interested in the game!

I highly recommend giving Morphologis video a watch as it gives a great summary of the features coming to Star Citizen through 2020.


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