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Astral Imperium are recruiting!

We are looking for players who would like to join our team and provide support both in-game and on Discord across the games we host and play. The ideal candidates will be interested in helping us support and grow the Astral Imperium community in the long term.


The purpose of this role is to help moderate Astral Imperium game servers, Discord and community. Moderators should consider the wider community when providing input to staff decisions. As a member of our moderation team, you will have access to some in-game admin commands and will be required to remain neutral at all times, especially when settling disputes. For these reasons, this role may not be suitable for players who like to engage in PVP on a regular basis.


  • Active participation on Discord and in-game
  • Handling Discord tickets
  • Answering player questions and directing them to useful resources
  • Helping run and test server events
  • Helping test game mechanics, new features and server changes
  • Ensuring server rules are upheld and helping to settle disputes
  • Providing in-game support to players who need assistance


  • Identifiable chat tag in-game/Discord
  • Access to the staff and moderators channels on Discord
  • Additional Discord permissions
  • Access to some in-game admin commands

Disclaimer: All admin commands used on both ARK and ATLAS are logged and audited by Shadowsong and Norlinri.

How can I apply?

You can apply by filling out the application form below. Applications sent via any other means will not be considered.

Application form

    Email address:
    Character name:
    Steam ID/Steam profile URL:

    Which game(s) can you support?
    ATLASStar Citizen

    What language(s) do you speak?
    What timezone/country are you in?
    On average, how many hours can you spend on the servers each week?
    < 55 - 1010 - 1515 - 20> 20

    What time(s) of the day are you usually available (UK time)?

    Do you have any experience in administration, moderation or support? (not necessarily in a gaming community)

    Why would you be a good fit for the chosen role?