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    – Fixed a case where players would disconnect on certain servers when loading into large bases. We advise setting your “Client Network Bandwidth” Option value back to Epic if you had previously changed it, to deal with the disconnections.

    – Fixed a case which would cause creatures to flash or flicker.

    – Fixed a case where players on saddled creatures would teleport back to the server’s origin if the creature they were mounted on had been killed by another creature.

    – Sail canvas now takes twice as long to repair.

    – Target Soft Spots will no longer add torpor to other player teams in PvE.

    – Camera no longer interpolates to origin when destroyed.

    – Glider will no longer activate when encumbered.

    – Buoy signs remain attached after server restart (retroactive).

    – Server and client performance optimizations.

    – Fixed an exploit which allowed players to stall and potentially disconnect other clients.

    – No longer able to turn off cannons that do not belong to your team.