30th December 2018 @ 10:00 am

Welcome to Astral ATLAS!

The servers will be available tomorrow morning, and we will post on Discord when they are live. They will be found under the name Astral ATLAS 3×3 [2T/2G], or by using the Steam join links below. We will have a server info page dedicated to ATLAS, but for now here are the main points of interest and initial rates (subject to change):

  • Large 3×3 map
  • 2 Home Ports with 3 spawn points in each
  • All Biomes
  • All Power Stone islands*
  • All explorer notes**
  • Custom NPC trade routes
  • Ghost ship world route
  • 2x Taming
  • 2x Resources
  • 1x Experience

* The Power Stone islands will need further testing as information becomes available on how to configure them fully for unofficial servers.
** Explorer notes pertaining to the Power Stones will not be available until the above is complete.

Server links and map

Spawn in Home Port North West or Home Port South East (see map below)

Please read this post for more information!

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