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No racism, abuse or any form of hate

It’s not cool, nor is it something we condone.

No hacking, exploiting or bug abusing

It ruins the game for everyone else and will result in a swift ban.

No advertising or trolling

We do not tolerate any form of advertisement or trolling.

No offline raiding

We encourage anyone looking to raid to either take screenshots or record their encounters.

  • Combat logging: Intentionally logging off to prevent an offline raid does not stop the opposing company from continuing the raid, though we expect a level of restraint to be used (no base wipes/major damage etc).
  • Territories: Claiming is allowed when players are offline as long as it’s not contested (i.e. no bodies from crew or members of that company preventing you from taking the territory)
  • Aggressive tames/crew: You may defend yourself against any aggressive tames or crew, but only until they are dead or disabled. We suggest you screenshot or record any situations like this.
  • Repercussions: Warnings will be issued for minor offenses (broken boxes etc.), and major ones will result in a ban (base wipe/major damage).  These will be on a case by case basis and are entirely down to our discretion
  • Unlocked/open bases: Bases can be entered and looted as long as you don’t have to break anything to access it.

Do not build directly around the ports

The ports on the map need to stay clutter-free.

Do not clutter the map

Destroy old or unused structures to help keep the map performing well.

Do not block dungeons or community areas

Dungeon islands have a stone marker on your mini-map.

Keep chat clean, no spamming or inappropriate content

Remember it’s only a game, don’t take frustrations out on others.









  • 12 x 50 slots
  • PVP: Enabled
  • All biomes
  • Explorer notes
  • Power Stones
  • NPC trade routes
  • Ghost ship
  • Restart ≈ Midnight (Mon/Sat UK time)
  • Auto-updates: Enabled
  • Skill Points ≈ 698 total
  • Base weight: 1.4x
  • Per-level weight gain: 1.4x
  • Resources: 2
  • Taming speed: 2
  • Replenish radius (player): 0.3
  • Replenish radius (structure): 0.3
  • Tames food consumption: 0.25
  • Mating interval: 0.25
  • Mating speed: 2
  • Egg hatch speed: 4
  • Baby mature speed: 4
  • Tames food consumption: 0.25
  • Imprint by anyone: Enabled
  • Base weight: 2x
  • Per-level weight gain: 2x
  • Max Experience: 71 level-ups (+ ships)
  • Structure decay: Enabled
  • Collision: Disabled
  • Alliances: Enabled
  • Crosshair: Enabled
  • 3rd person view: Enabled
  • Map location: Enabled
  • Corpse locator: Enabled

Admin Info


Tribe: Astral Imperium

Role: Server Owner

Speaks: English


Tribe: Astral Imperium

Role: Server Admin

Speaks: English, French

When to contact us


We will endeavour to help with any game bug or glitch you encounter, but will not replace or refund any lost items or dinos caused by it. We have no more control over these problems than you do.

Rule Breaking

We take rule breaking very seriously and do our best to ensure any issues are dealt with swiftly. If you are wishing to report a player breaking the rules, please include as much information as possible when you fill out the contact form below, including screenshots if you have them.

Server Problem

If you are wishing to report a server problem, please include what you were doing when it crashed and the time that it went down. We will not replace or refund any dinos or items caused by the crash.


We welcome any feedback from our players and while we may not be able to act on everything, we will certainly take everything under advisement. Please include as much detail as possible to ensure we fully understand your feedback.

How to contact us

If you are reporting another player or tribe, please fill in the fields below:

Include any supporting screenshots here:

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