ATLAS Upcoming changes

Hi everyone!

The new ATLAS update is expected to drop some time next week (patch notes here).  This update will bring some major changes to gameplay mechanics and the environments. As a result and on the recommendations of the developers, we will need to fully re-work our current map which will also mean we need to wipe the servers.

Some of you have probably noticed the servers being brought down for essential maintenance several times over the past few weekends. This is mostly because we purchased new hardware in preparation for this update. As a result, we will now be able to host a 5×5 map with plenty of islands to explore!

Along with the new map, we will be greatly improving the gaming experience for our players. For example, we have plans to set up an Offline Raid Protection and Cross Grid + Discord chat (yay!). Our in-game shop is starting to take shape, and we are still looking for suggestions to improve rewards from voting (cast your vote here). Also, you won’t need us to manually provide your Patreon rewards anymore. We would like to have it all ready for when the update drops.

We will post another update with more detailed information about the new map and the new systems that will be in place alongside it.

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