Astral ATLAS

As many of you have probably seen, ATLAS, the new game from the creators of ARK, has had its official reveal at the Game Awards 2018. The game is in a similar vein to pirate fantasy game Sea of Thieves, but on a larger scale.

Some of the key features boasted by the game developers were –

  • Over 40,000 simultaneous players
  • 1200 times the size of a single ARK server
  • Realistic water physics “WaveWorks”
  • Wide variety of creatures
  • 3rd party servers

The game is coming to Steam Early Access next Wednesday, December 19th.

Now to the big question you’re probably all wondering, will Astral Imperium host an ATLAS server? The short answer is, we will try! As long as there is no negative impact to our current ARK cluster and everything else continues to function normally.

Those of you who support us through Patreon will know we are a long way off meeting our goal of getting some additional server hardware to host another game, so this will be pushing things a little bit. As always if you wish to support Astral Imperium you can do so here.

Now enjoy the reveal trailer below!  

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