Astral ATLAS update – 18/01/2019

Hey all, It’s been another busy week for Astral ATLAS, but we finally have some updates for you on a number of different things!

Vote Rewards

You can now vote for Astral ATLAS on and earn some plunder! Each vote will earn you 50 Gold Coins and a chance of getting each ship building blueprint. These include all sails, decks, planks and gunports. You will need to create an account and verify it via Steam so that it ties up when you claim your rewards in-game. Type /claim in chat to get your plunder, and /vote will provide you more information.

Cross Chat

This is currently enabled across all grids, but is still very much in alpha and is a bit temperamental. However, we feel it is stable enough to have running currently.


As you know, resources and XP are currently doubled until the 25th of January, which was a temporary increase due to the server wipe. After some consideration, we have decided to keep the x2 resources for the foreseeable future, but will be returning XP back to x1 as we feel this is already more than sufficient. We will be looking to improve taming, maturation, hatching, structure/creature decay and the day/night cycle next.


We are looking to get a weekly event setup for ATLAS, the details of which are not confirmed yet, but we expect this to change a lot as we try different things and get your feedback.


We will be reviewing the Patreon rewards ready for next month. We understand that the current rewards may be a little underwhelming when compared to their ARK counterparts. This was somewhat intentional due to the initial release of the game. Needless to say things will improve 🙂

Auto Update

We are still working on a stable solution for this, we hope to have it functional ASAP.

Offline Raiding

There has been a lot of discussion about this lately, and we would like to make our view on the topic clear. We do not agree with offline raiding and feel that it is not a good mechanic to have on a community driven server such as ours. We understand that this is a PVP server and that people come here for that purpose. But what a lot fail to realize is that offline raiding is in fact PVE, and not the epic PVP naval or land battles you would hope to have in a game like ATLAS. For the short term and until we have a better option such as a plugin, we will be adding a No offline raiding rule and will do what we can to enforce this. We will be giving a warning for minor offenses (broken boxes etc.), and major ones will result in a ban (base wipe). These will be on a case by case basis and are entirely down to our discretion. This rule does not apply if you leave your base and storage open and accessible (we will see if there is no wall or door broken in the tribe log that you provide us). On the flip side, if you see a base that is open, you can go inside and take the loot, so long as you don’t have to break anything to access it. We encourage anyone looking to raid to either take screenshots or record their encounters.  

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