Astral ATLAS update – 01/02/2019

Hi everyone, There have been some more changes and improvements made to the Astral ATLAS cluster recently!


Patreon rewards have been greatly improved, hopefully now reflecting the amount of support you show us! Some of the key changes include:

  • Significant increase to the amount of Gold Coins awarded for each rank
  • Significant increase to the level for crew members for each rank
  • Addition of tamed non-mythical creature for each rank
  • Addition of Mythos for Sapphire and above

Please visit our Patreon page to take a look at those changes.

No offline raiding rule

Most of you have probably seen by now that we have added No offline raiding to our rules page. This has been put in place until we have a proper offline raid protection. This is a work in progress, as we are rewording or adding to it when people bring issues to our attention or ask for clarification. Make sure that you read and follow that rule, as we do take reports of offline raids very seriously. We created a channel on Discord for this kind of scenario, The Gallows, where we will tag a company as hostile, and show an approximate locations of their structures and ships known to us.


At last, we have added Turnip island (yes, that’s its name now :)) to the map. You can find it in the Tundra. We apologize for the lack of turnips so far, we thought this island was already on the map, as we knew it is really important to have on a server. On the same note, please let us know if you are sure that a specific resource is not spawning so we can investigate.


We will be running a warm-up event on February 2nd at 7pm UK time to try and kill the Gentle Whale and Mean Whale. This is an unknown so there is a risk to lose things in the process, but it should be fun! More info here. The company Somalian Pirates has kindly offered to run a server-wide event on February 8th to try and defeat the Kraken! Build your ships, bring your crew, and get prepared to have a lot of fun!

Vote Rewards

Rewards for voting daily for the cluster have been increased as well. You can earn 250 Gold coins now up from 50, still with a chance of getting each ship building part blueprint. Click on the banner below to vote, and type /claim in chat in-game to receive your plunder! You can vote every 12 hours.


Taming has been increased to 2x. Hatching/gestation and maturation have been increased to 4x. We’re still looking at the day/night cycle, but this proves more challenging due to some mechanics that rely on it, such as the Ghost ship.

Cross chat

We have had to disable it due to its instability, causing server crashes. It will be re-enabled as soon as a more stable version comes out. Thanks a lot for your support, and see you in-game soon!

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