Astral ATLAS Server Launch

This post has been edited with the latest changes as of 06/03/2019

  Hi all, We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and have enjoyed their time trying out ATLAS over the past few days! As most of you know, we had an ATLAS server shortly after launch which some of you have been helping us test. As more information has become available, it became quite clear that we would not be able to host the game at a scale we or you would like without some new hardware. So ahead of our Patreon goals (and at the cost of my poor credit card), we have purchased another server which will help us achieve this. Astral ATLAS will be included in our Patreon perks, which will be covered in a future post. The new map is fully custom made by us and has taken a huge number of hours to get right, but we wanted to make sure that it was going to give you an experience on par with that of officials and not miss out certain parts of the game, which is quite common on a lot of unofficial servers currently. The servers will be available tomorrow morning, and we will post on Discord when they are live. To celebrate the launch, we will be doubling experience until the 1st of January in the evening! They will be found under the namAstral ATLAS 4×3, or by using the following Steam join links below. We have a server info page dedicated to ATLAS, but here are the main points of interest and initial rates (subject to change):

  • Large 4×3 map
  • 2 Home Ports with 2 spawn points in each
  • All Biomes
  • All Power Stone islands
  • All explorer notes
  • Custom NPC trade routes
  • Ghost ship world route
  • 2x Taming
  • 2x Resources
  • 1x Experience

Server links and map

Spawn in Home Port North West (Western Temperate) or Home Port South East (Eastern Tropics) (see map below) Finally, there is still quite a bit of fine tuning to be done on the map and server. There may well be changes in the future which could include certain parts of the map being wiped if required, though we currently don’t foresee any need to do that. Also please remember that ATLAS is still very new, so a lot of the integrations you have come to expect from ARK are not yet available (who’s online, server stats, auto updates, cross server chat etc). But rest assured, we will be setting these up as soon as they are available.

New server specifications

  • Windows Server 2019
  • i9 9900K @ 5GHz
  • 64GB Memory
  • M.2 SDD Storage

  Hope you all enjoy the new map and have a good new year!  

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