Vote Rewards changes

Hello survivors!

You probably noticed that Vote Rewards isn’t working as normal since yesterday’s patch. This is because we implemented a new Vote Rewards system across the cluster. Those of you who played on our ATLAS cluster will be familiar with the process.

What are the changes?

You will not have to vote for our three different servers anymore. Instead, you will vote for our cluster on two different websites. This will help increase our visibility and you will get rewards for doing so. The links are available on the Vote Rewards page, and we edited the Discord post in the #useful-info channel so you can find them easily. Once you have voted, simply type /claim in chat in-game to receive your rewards in your inventory. Here is a little step-by-step:

  • For ark-servers:
    1. Vote for the servers by clicking on the link provided
    2. Type /claim in chat (in game)
  • For toparkservers:
    1. Create an account on
    2. Verify it through Steam
    3. Vote for the servers by clicking on the link provided
    4. Type /claim in chat (in game)

Each website will grant you 75 Element, 75 Metal Ingots and 75 Gasoline, so you will still get 150 of each every day you vote. In addition to those three items and for the phase I of this trial, we will be adding a chance to get a Golden Hesperornis Egg. This egg is incredibly difficult to get and is now used to craft Extraordinary kibbles. A poll is still running on the front page so you can let us know what you would like to get with Vote Rewards. This is an open poll, so you can add your suggestions if they’re not already in the list and if it is not feasible, we will let you know. You will have more chance of getting those additional items if you vote on both websites.

If you notice anything different, whether you get more or less rewards than you should, please PM Norlinri on Discord. This is very important information for us, and we are only looking to see what can cause the plugin to not display a normal behaviour.

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