Orbital Supply Drops / Element Veins


Those drops are only available on Extinction.

We will update the map as soon as we discover new locations.


You will have to defend the Orbital Supply Drop and fight several waves of corrupted dinos. You and your dinos can also damage the drop, so be very careful. Once the waves have been defeated, you can eject the content of the Orbital Supply Drop and pick up the loot.

They come in 4 difficulties: Blue (Easy), Yellow (Medium), Red (Hard) and Purple (Legendary). One location can spawn various difficulties – We have seen Blue/Yellow/Red at the same location. Purple seems much more rare.

Element Veins work in a similar way, with waves of corrupted dinos spawning to destroy it. There are three difficulties: Easy (10k HP), Medium (25k HP) and Hard (50k HP).


Here are some of the items we found so far in OSDs:

  • TEKgram: TEK Replicator
  • Empty Cryopods
  • Element Shards/Dust
  • Scrap Metal Ingots
  • Black Pearls
  • Polymer
  • Wood/Stone
  • Consumables (Cooked Lamb Chop, Shadow Steak Saute,  Lazarus Chowder, Focal Chili, Sweet Vegetable Cake)
  • Saddles and blueprints (Stegosaurus, Snow Owl, Gasbags, Thylacoleo, Carno)
  • Armor and blueprints (Ghillie, Chitin, TEK armor, Flak, Hazard)
  • Tools and weapons (Crossbows, Pike, Lance, Sickle, Sword, TEK weapons)
  • Wooden structures (foundations, spike walls)
  • Stone structures (foundations, dinosaur gates/gateways, pillars)
  • Metal structures (foundations, pillars)

Here are some of the items we found so far in Element Veins:

  • Element/Element Dust/Shards

These lists are in no way complete, and are always subject to change as we test and discover some more about the Orbital Supply Drops and Element Veins.


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