Tusoteuthis can be found in the ocean, most often in very deep areas.

Taming process

Tusoteuthis is tamed passively, which means that you do not have to knock it out. In order to tame a Tusoteuthis, you will need:

  • Black pearls
  • SCUBA gear
  • Mosasaurus with good HP OR another tanky creature

As stated above, you have to use very tanky creatures to tame Tusoteuthis. The whole taming process relies on the survivability of your creatures. I know a lot of people use several Carbonemys with very good saddles, then switch between them during taming. However, I tend to use only one Mosasaurus with a primitive saddle and it does the job perfectly, losing around 10k HP to a level 150 Tusoteuthis.

In the end, taming a Tusoteuthis is more stressful than it is difficult. The first thing you need to know is how many Black pearls the Tusoteuthis you spotted will need. When you have the correct amount on you – be careful as they are very heavy – divide them all in stacks of 50 + the rest of it.

Example: For a level 150 Tusoteuthis I need 157 black pearls, I divide it all like this: 50 + 50 + 50 + 7.

Make sure to clear the area from the potential threats. Before getting too close and if you are not familiar with it, you need to spot its aggro depth. To do so, swim close enough for it to get its aggro on you – try not to be grabbed – then swim up until it loses interest. At this depth, and if it cannot grab you at all, you are safe. If it managed to grab you, you need to swim up a bit more.

Prepare your first stack of black pearls in the last slot of your hotbar. Whistle Passive and Follow Me to your Mosasaurus. When everything is ready, get closer and let Tusoteuthis grab you. This is an essential part of the taming process, because if it does not have anything in its tentacles it will not accept to be fed. As soon as your creature is grabbed, dismount, and swim towards Tuso’s beak. Press E to feed it black pearls. Swim up above its aggro depth to be safe, and your Mosasaurus will follow you when it is finally released.

You now need to wait for it to be hungry again. If you are confident that your Mosasaurus will survive, you can let Tusoteuthis grab you again and check if it is ready to be fed. When it is ready, just repeat the process above until it is fully tamed. For a level 150, you will have to wait around 10 minutes between each cycle to be able to feed it again, which makes it an approximate 30 minutes taming process.


A tamed Tusoteuthis can gather a huge amount of meat and produces a bit of Oil in its inventory over time. However, this oil has a spoil timer and is not produced in large quantities.

Tusoteuthis can grab a lot of creatures within its tentacles, including Mosasaurus. When holding them, it becomes slow but inflicts torpor over time, which can be used for taming. It releases the creature as soon as it is unconscious.


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