Arena Update – 29/10/18

Hi all, There are a couple of minor changes to Arena for this coming week. The first change is to slightly improve the difficulty of the normal rounds in each bracket and to speed up the entire process so we will always have enough time to run all 4 brackets. The second change is to improve access to backup dinos and supplies in between rounds.

  • Time between rounds has been reduced to 1 minute, excluding the bonus round which remains 5 minutes
  • Only competing dinos are now allowed in the Arena itself, even in-between rounds (no Daeodons for healing etc.)
  • A staging area has been created for Arena which is separate to the main dino storage area to provide easier access to your dinos between rounds:
    • This area can contain any dinos you wish to use in the bracket or dinos for item storage/healing
    • This area is unlocked and can be accessed between rounds to swap out your dino as often as you like
    • Healing is allowed in this area, so for example you could have a Daeodon passive healing your spare dino while you’re competing

Look forward to seeing you all for Arena this coming Wednesday!  

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