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Hi everyone,

As some of you probably know, we have plans to relaunch our ARK cluster. To do so, we need to buy completely new hardware that would allow us to host all official maps and future DLCs.

The new hardware would be quite expensive, around £3000, this is why we have asked anyone who wishes to contribute to do so here. Every amount helps us get closer and closer to our goal. We are currently at 25% which is already amazing! Thanks a lot to everyone who has contributed so far, we are really grateful for your support. If you are playing on our ATLAS servers, the donations done via the shop page also help with our goal!

NB: Patreon is separate, the support we get from it goes towards the goals that we set on our page.

Will there be a wipe? What rates can we expect?

As we have received quite a few questions about the relaunch, we have created an FAQ page that will answer most of those. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us so we can add it to the page. Check the FAQ page here.

Other games..?

The new hardware will definitely be more powerful and much more recent than what we have right now.

If you are not interested in ARK but would like to see us host other games, you can still contribute to our goal here. To let us know what game you are interested in, you can add it after your family name on the donation form, as follows:

First Name: Norlinri
Last Name: Firemane (EXAMPLEGAME)

For convenience and because this will go towards the same hardware, we are keeping the same page as for Astral ARK. If we notice that we have more donations and/or donors, we will be happy to consider hosting additional games.

We hope to see you again on Astral ARK (and other games?) soon 🙂

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